Passing at home

As my grandparent aged and passed away the recurring theme was that they did not want to leave their home. My grandfather actually moved to a fancy senior care step down type facility to guarantee that he would not have to leave his home in the end. It was something he planned from middle age.

The desire to pass in our own home surrounded by people we love or in our sleep is pervasive. With home health nurses and in-home hospice, it is now a regular practice for people.

For our four-legged family members the feeling is no different. More and more people are aware that helping them cross over the rainbow bridge at home is not only possible but, ideal.

The service of in home hospice and euthanasia is one that I am honored to offer through Key Veterinary Care here in St. Augustine Florida. I feel it is a gift to the animals and people I have dedicated my life to serving.

It is wonderful to see them just “fall asleep” in their favorite bed, under their favorite tree, or in the lap they always demanded to be in. It is just so peaceful that way.

The family can have as many people present as they want without crowding an exam room and does not have to drive away struggling to see through teary eyes.

I am also able to provide assistance with cremation services after if the family wants. The company I partner with for that is Paw Prints and they are top notch!

The time will come for every living being to pass away. I feel dying is as important a time in a life as being born and that both should be treated as incredibly special moments.